How To Become a Footnotes Facilitator

Oliver P. B. West
Visual & Multilayered Thinking Specialist

Choose your desired module. (Training can start from as little as £25 a session). Footnotes can be used in many different ways, so choose the modules that suit you best.
As a trainee Facilitator, put the strategies to use by finding your tutees. In some cases trainee facilitators may charge their tutee a reduced fee during training.
Get permissions and start to develop your choice of evaluation (Video, audio, copies of grids, written feedback and also where possible the feedback from the person you are supporting). 
When you are ready or when you need - book some top up training. Showing examples of the breakthroughs and the challenges can be really helpful at this stage.
Book an accreditation session. Accreditation can happen when you can demonstrate that you can consistently deliver the module without loosing important benefits of the specific grid.
Establish the balance between enjoying being a facilitator and creating an income. The straightforward process of becoming a facilitator means that you can quickly create an income as you develop your portfolio. 
Once you have joined the Facilitator community you might like to proceed even further to become a trainer of Facilitators and an area representative in your part of the world. 

Connect here to start the ball rolling and find out more about joining in the global Footnotes Community.

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